Jul 27 2010

Wahpper, the World’s Largest Catfish

We went to Wahpeton twice in the hopes of capturing better video, better subjects, and everything that we might have missed the first time. The second time did not reveal anything newer or more exciting. The second time around, Wahpeton seemed deserted on account of the Minnesota Avenue being all dug up. We kept asking ourselves, “What the heck are we doing here?” The Chahinkapa Zoo was a breath of fresh air, figuratively speaking! Continue reading

Jun 24 2010

Peace Through Strength Missile Silo Historic Site and Oscar Zero

On Saturday, May 29, 2010 we set out to visit the Ronald Reagan Peace Through Strength Missile Silo Historic Site and the Oscar Zero control center in Cooperstown, ND. This was a particularly windy day with wind gusts out of the South of at least 30 mi/hr. We rode west nearly the entire time, leaning the bike to keep from getting blown away. In fact, there were no wind gusts from oncoming traffic because the head on gusts were stronger and faster.
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