Peace Through Strength Missile Silo Historic Site and Oscar Zero

On Saturday, May 29, 2010 we set out to visit the Ronald Reagan Peace Through Strength Missile Silo Historic Site and the Oscar Zero control center in Cooperstown, ND. This was a particularly windy day with wind gusts out of the South of at least 30 mi/hr. We rode west nearly the entire time, leaning the bike to keep from getting blown away. In fact, there were no wind gusts from oncoming traffic because the head on gusts were stronger and faster.

Midway to our first destination we decided to make a pit stop in Finley, ND. We did not realize how truly exhausted we were after fighting the wind for however long. So while stopped at a sign sign in Finley, probably the only stop sign there, we let the bike lean to the left beyond the point of no return and we tipped it breaking the left front blinker.

We stopped at Finley Cafe for some lunch and to get our bearings straight. We had two delicious chicken salads and coffees. If you ever find yourself in Finley, North Dakota, without a thing to do, go to the Finley Cafe and get their $15 all-day-coffee pass, it’s true. On the other hand, beware of the adjacent convenience store, where all sales are FINAL even though you may have purchased the item three seconds ago. We met a gentleman from Oriska, ND, who claimed he had gotten a 100 mi/gal fuel efficiency coming up to Finley on account of the extreme wind blowing into his backside; we never asked why he drove for an hour to have lunch at this cafe.

We carried on to the Ronald Reagan Minuteman Missile site and the Oscar Zero control center. We participated in the group tour of the facility. After we had our fill, we headed south, directly into the 30 mi/hr wind gusts, which previously had tried blowing us off the road, and we actually managed to keep an average speed of 65 mi/hr, occationally doing the “biker greeting” with the left hand to oncoming bikers.

We regrouped at Babbs Coffee House in Jamestown, ND over a couple of coffees. Our next stop was the world’s largest buffalo. Our camcorder mic was overpowerd by the wind gusts, so we were not able to salvage any audio in our video clips, hence the tacky yellow subtitles. But where there is “ying” there is “yang”. We were fortunate to see and to videotape White Cloud, the albino buffalo. The night concluded at Days Inn with violent thunderstorm, our bike’s first bath.

White Cloud

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On Sunday morning, May 30 we set out for Jud, North Dakota, the city of murals. Our plans to have breakfast in Jud, ND did not materialize; it was a ghost town. A couple of passive aggressive town folks drove by us checking us out, asking if we’d seen their dogs.


Hungry and crabby, we headed east toward Fargo. Desperate for some food, we stopped in Litchville, ND, a town of under 200 people. The c-store attendant there gave us directions to the only restaurant in town, Tasty Treat. It was either very tasty or we were very hungry. Tasty Treat is up for sale in case you’re interested!

Tasty Treat

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